Get Kylie Cosmetics Products For Free!

Hi today i will show you how to Get Kylie Cosmetics Products For Free , all what you need is enter to this website : , and collecting points by completing quizzes and you can changes this points to Kylie Cosmetics Products , i will explain you how you do that in detail:

First enter to this website :

Then will show you this page , click 3 dashes above.

Then click login.

Then , click register to sign up an account.

Then, sign up with your email and password.

if you sign out your account or you want sign in , in another device and don’t lose you points you need just login with your email and password.

After sign up , you need to back to the first page, and choose any quiz you will find 4 quiz or more according to each country, i will choose for example Clash royale Quiz by clicking.

click again on Clash Royale Quiz , or any quiz.

it will open new tab , and click start quiz.

then, answer 20 quiz , no problem if the answer is false , just choose any answer.

you should answer 20 question to complet the quiz ,and get your points .. and again choose another quiz to collect more points, you can collect points every day and they will add new quizzes.

For exemple i answer 15 questions in less than 1 minute , i will answer 5 question remaining to get my points.

here you will find your points, then Click 3 dashes above to discover the rewards.

then click Rewards.

This is Rewards ( Kylie Cosmetics Products) .

For example , i collected 5000 points i will choose any product for 5000 points , i will click on FACE SPRAY | SETTING SPRAY , then write your information : Full name , Adress , Number phone and click Redeem to ship your product.

Website link :